Why is Vedic astrology so important?

Planets are constantly in motion with respect to earth in the skies. The positions of Sun, Moon and some planets close to earth can give important clues about the fortunes of individual human beings and groups of human beings. That is the basic premise of astrology

Sunsign astrology, for example, is based on categorizing people into 12 groups based on the solar month of birth. Some people may be convinced, based on their experiences, that people born in the same month share certain qualities. It is, however, not very logical from a rational perspective – there are just too many people in this world, who are totally different from each other. So the month of one’s birth is totally inadequate for guessing one’s nature or fortune. Even the date and the hour of birth are not enough. We know that there are many twins in this world, who are significantly different from each other!

So, In, Vedic astrology, we pay attention to the Moon sign which is more connected to emotions, and thoughts that we already have, However, sun sign on the other hand, it is what we become in the future.

Therefore, calculating, once natal birth chart, it is important to know individuals’ birth time, in order to analyze more in depth.

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